Monday, November 3, 2014

Silo the Boxer

Painting the ghost-faced boxer, Silo, was a major highlight of last month. 
The little white gouache details on his face, blue wash around his head, all of it.
I love killing a little brush on a fine lining portrait, 
so send the most detailed photos and I will paint the best 
of the tiny little hairs on your best friend's face.

Just a reminder, holiday portrait spots are filling up fast, so e-mail me
TODAY with your holiday pet portrait request and I can get your spot secured!
This is a limited availability sort of thing, every winter I do have
to turn people away or offer them gift certificates when they order too late.

Since each piece is detailed and time-consuming, it needs to be started soon. 
That way I can be sure that I make just the right painting for your friend/ parent/ 
person you want to make cry this holiday season. 

This month is the time to start your art commissions, 
so order immediately to nail it this winter holiday/
 Xmas/ Channukah / Samhein season.

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